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Dear families,

In making a decision about our plan for November 2nd and beyond, our most important consideration is the safety of students, teachers and families. We are all interconnected when it comes to COVID risk. After a lot of thought and consideration, we’ve decided that most of our classes will offer a hybrid model that mixes in-person and remote learning, while Ms. Yolanda’s class and the middle school class will be fully remote. We’ve also set a threshold for switching to fully-remote learning based on virus conditions. The detailed schedule for each class will be shared with you by your child’s teacher.

What Guided Our Decision

A lot is still unknown about COVID risk. While many people who do get infected experience mild symptoms, there is the potential for long-term effects, so we wanted to maximize safety considerations. To help make our decisions, we looked for guidance from the CDC. According to the CDC guidelines, a positivity rate at or below 5% is in the green “lower risk” category, but our current rate of new cases, both in our neighborhood and citywide, is in the orange, “higher risk” category.

We know that because COVID spreads through the air as well as by close contact, COVID risk is driven by the “three C’s,” crowding, confined spaces, and close contact. We can minimize these risks by decreasing in-person time, wearing masks, social distancing, and increasing ventilation. We have implemented mask wearing, social distance, and ventilation in our classrooms using fans and air filters. However, eating lunch indoors and full-day in person instruction would pose an additional level of risk that we want to avoid with a hybrid model or a fully remote model.

In considering input from families, it was impossible to come up with a model that would be ideal for everyone’s preferences. We believe a hybrid model offers the best way to meet learning needs safely for many of our classes. Middle-school students are the most able to benefit from remote learning and the most at risk for transmitting and getting COVID. We believe that a middle school remote-only option can be organized to serve their social and learning needs.

Considerations for the Future

Based on WHO guidelines, we have also set a threshold for transitioning away from indoor learning to remote-only instruction. We will monitor the citywide 7-day-average positivity rate each week from Saturday to Friday. If the rate is above 5% for 4 out of 7 days, we will have remote learning the following week. If the rate is at 5% or below for 4 out of 7 days in a future week, we will transition back to hybrid learning.

We also want to share that in order to increase the amount of in-person learning time for students in the safest way possible, we have decided to extend our winter break by at least two weeks in January and add those weeks on to the end of our school year in June, when we can do outdoor learning again. We are considering a longer extension of this break.

Please read the message from your child’s teacher for more information about the plan for your class. We will update you soon with additional information about winter break. Thank you for your support and patience during this pandemic, and we hope that we can return to greater normalcy soon.


The staff of CFS


Explanation of Hybrid and Remote Scenarios

  • Ms.DeeAnn and Ms.Keyierra’s class will have two 30 minute virtual meetings per day M-F (9 AM and 2PM). They will also meet for an hour of in person playground time M-F, 11:30-12:30, weather permitting (no heavy rain or temperatures below 15 degrees F)
  • Lisa will have up to four children in the morning from 8:30-11:45 and four children in the afternoon from 12:15-3:30. Ms. Julz will offer online learning for the class that is at home. She will also include any child whose family wants to go fully remote and will give extra time to those children. We will also make a plan for Lisa to touch base with any children who go remote as well.
  • Yolanda’s class will continue to be fully remote.
  • Waew will offer a staggered schedule M-F; Group A: 8:30 – 12:20 and Group B: 11:25 – 3:15. Both groups will have overlapping recess.
  • Lauren’s class will offer a hybrid model with families having the option of 3 in-person mornings per week, or being fully remote.
  • Ephran’s class will be fully remote, with occasional outdoor field trips and with time built in for socializing and play.

If you have any questions regarding the hybrid schedule, please contact your child’s teacher directly.