Chicago Free School

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Other Free Schools

As we built the Chicago Free School, we relied on the advice, support, and good example of our model schools in Albany, NY and Brooklyn, NYC.

The Albany Free School has been educating young people since 1969.  Check out their website.

They also have a photo page on flickr which shows all the exciting field trips, activities, classes, and events that are happening there.

The Brooklyn Free School’s website is here.



“The free school has taught me to be myself no matter what, it’s taught me how to solve my own problems and not to rely on other people to resolve them or for them not to be resolved at all, and it’s allowed me to focus on the things that are the most important to me, in life and education. Having an education like this helps you control yourself and know your actions and limits. Schools like this teach you how to resolve issues, think for yourself, and stand up for things that are important to you. I personally believe this is very important in the real world. The Free School has definitely taught me how to deal with those subjects that many other traditional schools do not teach.”
-Maya, age 14, Albany Free School graduate