Happy New Year from Chicago Free School!15975155_1834065090148238_6220176973032428129_o
The annual CFS online giving campaign is on until the end of January. At CFS, students are given a voice and provided opportunities to develop independence, compassion, and mastery at their own pace. They find their own passions and develop their own strengths. Chicago Free School believes in seeing the whole child. Unlike traditional schools, we don’t approach learning as a one-size-fits-all race; here, creativity and deep engagement are valued above standardized test scores and metrics.
Every family at Chicago Free School has a story of how a CFS education has made a difference in their lives. Please pass along our campaign to friends and family who appreciate the value of the respectful, student-centered approach CFS uses to help each child learn!
About 90% of our budget goes directly into our classrooms. We’re resourceful in making a little go a long way, so your donation of any amount will have a major impact.  You can help us meet our goals here. Thank you!