Chicago Free School

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Fantastic News!

Chicago Free School is delighted to announce the location of our school beginning in fall 2014!

After touring many local churches, we have found exactly what we are looking for at Augustana Lutheran Church, 5500 S Woodlawn Avenue.

Our new home is a beautiful modern building, with a full second floor of classrooms of a variety of sizes, and a convenient, transit-accessible location.  The building includes an elevator and is accessible throughout.

There is a fully enclosed yard, and we will be right across the street from Nichols Park where we can easily visit the Neighborhood Club gym, the playgrounds, and the learning garden.  The 55 bus stops right outside for easy field trip transportation around the city.

We are excited to partner with the church community to create the school of our dreams in this space!

Welcome to a different kind of school!

We believe that students should be empowered to direct their own learning by making choices about what they want to learn and how they can learn it best.

Our democratic free school will give students a voice in their learning.  We believe that students who chart their own course in school are able to discover and follow their passions, develop intrinsic motivation, and engage deeply in authentic learning.

Our school will be a caring and inclusive community.  We empower students to learn to resolve their own conflict in a safe environment.  We welcome all students regardless of race, ethnic or national origin, family income, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, or physical disability.


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